1. Intermittent Lunacy Theme KiNo 0:30
  2. Nothing Itself (preview) KiNo 1:09
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This is my second book released in audiobook and ebook formats. Intermittent Lunacy was compiled from the website entries during the making of my debut album Map of the Universe. I edited the material in Livorno, Tuscany and recorded the audiobook in Mendocino, California.

Album cover

Ebook cover

No one


Ingenious revival of my child
hooded with marvels.
Walk this dated infant again through the thick and thin.

Infinite juvenile grandeur,
straight into luminous grinder of dreams which make us into men.

I was brought to justice by a severed hand.
Physical love is dead.

The night with its symbolism
and beautiful embroidery of fleshy perfumes
is probably an image.

Therefore, I must usurp the lead in the nation of lone lions.

To my maze,
I shall steal words from their meanings
for each one of these pearls are utterly blind
and infectious
like love;
has it been to me?

Disarm humans,
the race of centipedes.
Can’t you recognise the grand prize beneath the stars?
It is not on this net between us.
But in between us.

— 9


Idolators of Love

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 05.50.05

Due to Death

The audiobook of the book of poems: Intermittent Lunacy. 44 minutes of poetry recited by KiNo. Recorded in Mendocino, California.

“…KiNo’s poetic skills manifest a timeless, naked and elegant imagery. The music of his writing augments the immediacy of its message.” — M. Guysworth, Literary Criticism.

I started editing the material for the book in Livorno, Toscana, in the summer of 012. This was taken the night before the big job of going through the online archives to compile Lunacy.

This is the garden of the House Paterni where Intermittent Lunacy was edited. The job took 3 days.

In Brooklyn, Cafe Bakeri is where some of the poems were written, exactly in this setting. I used to have breakfast here daily before Williamsburg was lost to developers, punters and wankers. 

The most beautiful place I have ever been to in America, Mendocino of Northern California, where I recited Intermittent Lunacy to perpetuity in a cabin during a black-out night, running on batteries.