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invasion from within

Ricordata, New York
19 Aug 018

Invasion from Within
Anno Zero

In this period, I am operating out of the new studio,
set up in the heart of Williamsburg, NYC. I call it RICORDATA. I have been living in this neighbourhood since 2001 and the change that has swept this town (and the globe) shows itself the best here. A negative presence, especially, in the court of a revolutionary poet whose vocation is to contribute to culture outside the flora and fauna of the despicable commercial realism, i.e. world of commercials: the rigorous infestation inside the TEXT; content, story, drama, tools, technology. In short, the HUMAN EXPRESSION. Welcome to New Vague City… where concrete facts are often entangled in a shroud of mystery… where certainty dissolves into the multipliCITY of the Vague, BOOM /// anything goes, everything is awesome, amazing and cool! Because, there is no foundational knowledge of expandable history, culture, arbitrary hierarchy of things and ideologies in the experienced representation of reality. In NVC, the attention span is microscopic and so is the summit of culture: they are invaded by campaigns and sponsors; donors of the famous fleeting spotlight. Fuck you, Andy Wormhole, you were a fame obsessed opportunist wanker. I just saw ‘Spike Lee presented by Uber’ on a massive mural painted on Kent Avenue. Can you imagine Pasolini being sponsored by Pirelli? Roger Waters by Apple Music? There you have it. The artist’s TEXT (or PISS), disambiguated by association. Not so fucking vague, eh, after all? A mega billion dollar corporation, acting as your benevolent cultural foundation in a city where bikes are owned by a fucking bank and advertisement attacks you from every paragraph, every inch of urban and digital space loaded on your misery. This brings us here, up to date. After years of constructing contingent mediums of my full expression as music, cinema and literary revolt combined; the 21st Century Poet of Sound and Image enters the externalisation period: Invasion from Within.

Well, so here I commence, timely rebirth of the psychedelic star after each episode of rejuvenating death. In this chapter, in the entry level dimension, in New Vague City, in this culture, I am a musician, unlike any other. In some 625 songs written since 2001, I outshine the fucking spotlight. Let’s get to that.



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