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OCT 018

Ricordata, New York
12 Oct 018

Invasion from Within
Anno Zero

Oh, yeah, I am about to start extracting and presenting the riches of my intellectual and creative output through a transformative world I had to create, in order to bypass these little screens and the gigantic commercial arsehole that spews out non-stop, impersonal filth. You know… this whole culture of non-existence that attacks the kids before they can begin to defend their pure reality…

The Beatles stopped touring when they realised that the studio was an instrument, there was no going back. A new medium had developed. In my case, the reality is my instrument. The text I create, I am, what I will be to the 21st century had to have its own language, its own medium, its own hieroglyph making logic. This gestation period that began after the Map of the Universe is now ending. Hence, the new film-myth, the magnum opus; Corpus Enigma, in which I will attack and dominate the image-reality. End Hollywood. Wipe out 19th Century constructs and disconnect 20th century from this epoch I reign.

I have always filmed everything, incessantly… to capture the world of my songs: filmic sequences that will now bring forth vital aspects of my being, the leading poet of the Revolution of the Mind.

Over and out.