Birth of a Song: I Sublimate

I SUBLIMATE is the song I wrote yesterday (as a part of the ambient collection of songs, though it went on to be bigger than life when I sang), filling in an important narrative role in NEW VAGUE CITY/CE, as I am inching towards the launch of Episode Now. The studio, while recording the music, is a psychedelic soundstage for film, and the personal music venue I call as the Photon Sea. Not only the process of making the music is recorded but also the the poet, the musician, the filmmaker, the ‘actor’ unify in multiplex performances, creating an unfolding reality that is strictly manifestive. Indeed, in 2019, I have reached the year of 9, who can only materialise through the complexity of this threefold reality; images, sounds and words, in film and albums I have been making as a singular experience, an opus magnum, my life itself. And no other concept than ‘sublimation’ defines this dedication I have… for my work for the kids. A mass educational system by the poet of the 21st century. The port to my domain is a reality show. Not reality tv. But, what is a reality show? Unseen, unheard, unfelt in this form, life’s distillation as history, an analogue philosopher who writes digital, on the verge of… My philosophical configuration, as the Poet of Sound and Image, is sponsored by Hakikat, this unparalleled freedom is the only luxury: Lesson One for the starry eyed children, bombarded by the psychotic industries that produce and sustain this image-reality. 🐛🦋 Yes, I am blooming as 9, the harbinger of the Map of the Universe and its law.  — H.T.ANNO.ZERO.9


Studio Log