The night went down like this: I worked on a New Vague City teaser that establishes this bout I am in, under the domain of Invasion from Within; metaphorically and intrinsically, this term/chapter refers to my child core 9 completely taking over KiNo, through the element of sound where the spirit dwells and how it communicates. In other words, the externalisation period has begun… Extrinsically, practically; the second direction of the invasion is towards popular culture. In full throttle, as the quintessential poet of this century, and in layman’s terms, the Rockstar, the film star, the reality resetter. The ducks are in a row.

So, I sang to the camera, a couplet from ALL IS BLOODY ONE and HELLO MAN on acoustics for the words to ring out the depth of this interconnected universe, my work.

Then, I started getting into setting up the song suit inside Corpus Enigma, that fits somewhere else, I won’t talk about now. So I lined up all 4 versions of ONEIRIC EMPTINESS, the song that marks meeting Jane Birkin in FILM ISTANBUL. Then the unthinkable happened, while filming the process like I do, 9 took over and declared to the camera something that will be seen when the time comes, when the billions are watching.




Studio Log