Throwing the second song into production line at the studio. The demo was recorded at Ilhan’s apartment in 2016. The same week when I decided while filming my people that New Vague City was going to be a full on television show.. documenting what’s to come. This song bangs in the background of two scenes at the beginning of it all.

Tonight, I redid the drum machine parts and mixed it, replacing the demo kit, off an iPad application, that’s how this song was written. Originally, it was going to be in the Electric Feathers video I made for my friend Leana. But, it was too banging hard. Now, it’s banging even harder.

Also, tracked 3 parts on the old moog through the Neve board.

Conceptually, fixed the song into the timeline of the creative agenda. Hence the title Invasion from Within, heralding this new era.

Worked on the lyrics and laid down a guide vocal, as well as the horn partition.

The surprise of the sessions was the appearance of harpsichord. This instrument is associated with Corpus Enigma and all things SPQR.

Over and out.



Studio Log