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From the creative ecosystem of NEW VAGUE CITY comes the first superstructure now in development. A network tv show and a psychedelic musical, starring the broke heir of America’s acting royal family: The Barrymores, The Costellos and The Drews. 

A phantasmagorical history of the American Drama on stage and screen through the lives of one family, synonymous with artistic vigour and self-destruction. 

John, the bearer of Barrymores’ artistic fortune, goes on an odyssey to piece together his family history across epochs, personages and places. He must reintroduce his family to the ephemeral popular culture of the new millennium. In doing so he ends up heralding the cardinal qualities of the American Culture from its essential era to a polarised
country. This renewed purpose in his life leads him to purge his own demons which infamously come part and parcel with being a Barrymore.