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This is first song, I am introducing to the creative tentacles of the modular band UNEXPECTED, which formed on stage at the live taping party of New Vague City: SPECTACULUM on 22 January 19 – on my birthday, the eve of a pivotal lunar eclipse that marked my return to the stage after many years, because of a circumstantial break that was necessary for me to create the cinematic account of my reality as the 21st century poet who must take the arts (film, music and literary rumination) into the realm of mythology; the throne of the human psyche, and effect the course of history at the cusp of a vague and confused transition from analogue to digital existence, readily divorced from the roots of time and space that has brought the civilisation to this point.

In order to embark on this journey of self-discovery, I had to leave the musical production with all the gear custom designed and developed exclusively for me by the genius himself; the Sonic Wizard Jeff Blenkinsopp, my mentor and producer. This is a massive chapter in the life of KiNo, to be recounted in New Vague City.

So, after having performed six, completely improvised shows, as the UNEXPECTED to a handful of people at the club, I think, it’s time we started recording before I launch ONE NITE ONLY, the eternal night of music in New Vague City to present the band to unsuspecting millions.

In hindsight, I can identify a shitload of songs written on the spot, so I think this song will establish how we can plug in the whole band to a composition.

Drum machine was programmed to start the tune on the Octatrack. Multitracked now. The Subphatty ran a sequence recorded into the Octa. Some vicious bass sound, I have got.

Tonight, I worked on the arrangement, muting tracks, and had a pass with the popstar Roland D-50 for melodic hooks. I will clean up this session tomorrow night and send it to Tim, Conor, Will and Francesco in Roma.

Over and out. Exhausted and dropping into bed at 10:48 in the flipping morning. Ugh!


30.9.19 RCDATA-UNEXPECTED / Session II

///////// SESSION II /// Start 22:25 ///



Took a bike ride with the bounce of the mix from yesterday, and immediately came up with main melody for the vocals, also cringed at some of the dodgy parts which were clouding the main groove. I am heading full on to the Central Anatolian plains, the song is turning into such a beautiful türkü. I think, it’d be wondeful to have Marla sing the chorus in Turkish.


Tonight’s session was all about tracking moog parts I call as the wings and sweeps, to define the edges around the verse and the chorus.


I filmed most of the progress for the new episod, the scene contains me addressing the band and introducing this song.


Also today, I decided that there won’t be anymore Nublu shows. A distasteful comment came to my ear; a lie thwarting the final avalanche of general lack of respect and appreciation for what we are doing; a deadly original situation that will become the most influential live music show in history ( One Nite Only) in NVC, purporting the unstoppable modular band in which I will prevail as the most powerful poet of all time. Here I mark my words! Those taped shows of Unexpected will be seen by millions and it’s sadly moronic that there is hate towards us by mediocre, micro-organisms, namely the sound guy. Anyway, as Marla says “No worries. Everything happens as it sould. Hate is real.” So, we’ll smite hatred with searing brilliance.


Unexpected, unexpected

I’m expected unexpected


I’m mixing my mind with 
matter and veils,
a mirror or real



the message is clear
the message is clear
the messenger’s here

I am expected


Ya Git, 
yeri inlet,
gögü inlet,

aski gumlet,


derinden ince,
hak verince…
hak gelince…
hak yerinde…