Matter of Time

The rate of progress in the trends of technology will dissolve what is known as Capitalism, in the near future.

However, people being ideologically eclipsed from The Revolution of Mind will still simulate old world tendencies and cause unnecessary confusion, debate and drama, like the one we witness today.

The key is to free your reality from the entropy of the past.
In the 21st century, humanity’s main drive will be to care for each other, as already outlined by the law of physics. This is what atoms do!

An Experience all Onto Itself.

The digitalisation of our consciousness is the foundational work which must be linked to the analogue span of the civilisation, a mere 12000 year old affair, known as The World in Earth’s history.

In that regard, my entire body of work; the MAP OF THE UNIVERSE is an actual living organism in various forms to serve humanity as the principle memory of this unique transition: from analogue to digital.

The Second giant step we have achieved since the Agricultural Revolution which happened in Harran Valley, Northern Mesopotamia, Anatolia.

I have always been fully aware that I am making a myth manifesting itself in real time by recording both the process, the context, the logic and the problem-solution, pushing the cinematic dimension to its frontier. By taking The Effect of 9 through the history, art, language, reality, law, economy and so on, by redefining their purpose and our position… I am blighting dogma and centralising a purified human perception.

I am equal to the entire human race by how I personify time and space. As I’m writing on the same wall on the primordial cave upon which consciousness made the first hand prints to start this meta-language, I, as the Poet of Sound and Image, communicate in all forms of emotion and intelligence, simultaneously.
The outcome will not be experienced on a screen but in reality, unfolding in the minds. 1’m 9 — The child prophet.

19 MAR 018

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