Everything Connects at the Arse End of the World

Here is a little example of the organised mafia from the foundations of British to Pergamon Museum, Met to Louvre, Smithsonian.. you name it. It’s high time justice was introduced to the circus that is the UN, EU, US and to whatever subsidiary pet governments of the round table blackhole, because the disintegration of the facade is transparent and it stinks rotten to high heavens. The condition of the antiquities contain the entire trajectory of history since the 17th century rise of Western Europe and the gradual collapse of the Old World, overlapping the ‘invention of archeology’ through the 19th Century. This loop extends the same reasons why today, Iraq and Syria ‘are not safe to host their own history’. Because, the tentacles of the organised network of crime against humanity controls and pulls the triggers on all layers. Everything is connected. [Corpus Enigma — Map of the Universe].

Why on Earth the biggest collection of the Babylonian Flood tablets are in the possession of the Penn University? The oldest tattoo in the world is just discovered in the vaults of the British Museum on an Egyptian mummy? What degree of immediate shame and embarrassment do they bypass while making these announcements? Non-native Institutes established by hooverheads who pillaged everywhere, sucked the earth dry to fill their empty hands with these boxes of CRIME with millions of artefacts stashed in poxy homes of collectors and storage fields. FUCK ‘EM ALL, from top to bottom, bottom to top. Of course, one would like to see the initiative from the contemporary scholars, while protesting for gun control, equality, gay rights, environmental issues, to actually start addressing themost obvious and colossal problem at hand. Justice. It’s dangerous. That’s one match, once lit will change the world. I am adhered to work for that. [ A ]

So, have a look at this revolting business that these fucking thieving cunts operate.


You can buy this vase for 12000 Euros. What arbitrary economy sets the price on a 9000 year oldpiece of earth made for a family who lived in the land where the civilisation itself was founded???


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