Chewing Hollywood Alive

They don’t know how to handle time, mise-en-scene, dialogue, montage, a handheld camera. Everything is lit like a fucking shop, sound is fake and bathed in the same reverb of a cows’ stomach, overdosed on coke or heroin depending on the sonic treatment, shall I even mention the porn of CGI? All movies are written by a tourniquet with the same tricks, bumps and ridges that develop a ‘story’… for a moron bereft memory and cognition to realise that they have been watching the same rubbish nearly for a century. What’s left? Oh yeah, they have the stars… parading on a rat’s arse. It’s total, absolute ignorance to associate Hollywood with CINEMA, the most sublime, personal and universal art there is for the vision of someone…. to tap into the poetry of life.

One word. Welles. Poof, you are gone.


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