Map of the Universe Mileage

9 Prophecy


My very first year in New York City.

First year of the 21st century.

First year of the 3rd Millennium.

This unsuspecting plot line contains 3 Realities:

Microscopic > New Vague City

Metaphysical > Corpus Enigma

Macroscopic > A

This is how 9 writes on that singular wall of humanity with the Map of the Universe; the composite system of encompassing conscience — written and readable by people of certain cosmic impetus (people of their time) who can retain consciousness in universal instances of self-reflexivity, making unique layers on the map of our journey.

These layers of human doings — the trajectory, the journey — i.e. art, politics, economy, prostitution, fascism, wealth, war, etc. have intrinsic history-origins, and 9 actually reveals them by means of mathematics. Every inquiry made on the Map of the Universe, from a physical thing to a metaphysical concept, is cleansed from speculation, bias, amnesia and obscurant-idolatry through the interconnected nexuses that are affirmatively complex mathematical structures. 9 reveals and communicates the outcome of these complexities as singular fact-equations.

These valued facts map out who and where the human psyche and the body has been. Absolute as they are unalterable, they form the concrete-minimum or the concrete-core; the universal mirror image constructing the extant matrix usually under different hegemonies of what I call as the split sciences of matter (for example, biology) and sciences of the mind (sociology, etc.)

I unite every fragment and fraction of this split axis on the Map of the Universe moving into the intellectual domain of the new millennium. This is my work. I am 9. The information on this page heralds the child messenger. His existence-operation and the world is wired for the message, it will come through Photon Sea.

— Opera for Mutes, 9

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