This disorder

Planet of the Apes, War, Poster, NYCKiNo, Poet, Poet of Sound and Image

You feel the war on consciousness and at large against anything that moves outside the tangent of the last transient memory manufactured by a mindless industry, marketed by its national and inter-imperial morbid prostitutes. In this disorder, no one needs a revolutionary poet. Alas, too bad, that’s exactly what’s going to hit the screen-glow… with some grace, but, mostly, with the sheer power of the grand dictator; the child, assassinated inside the undefended with the old weapon of narrow identity, that marrow devouring maggot. The revolution being synthesised is not of political descent. It’s a spiritual one that removes the attributes of human from the divine. It’s what the doctor ordered. The doctor of our evolution from ape to ape shit.

—  9, Corpus Enigma

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