Just like everything else I look at the origin of the word “inauguration”.
The root Latin augur shoots directly to Roma as usual.
It means: “A religious official who observed natural signs in ancient Roma, especially the behaviour of birds, interpreting these as an indication of divine approval or disapproval of a proposed action,
because the flights, singing, and feeding of birds, along with entrails from bird sacrifices, were how they performed their magic”.
And the origin of this action just like everything else goes straight to Central Region. Every single culture of the region had a version of tossing animal organs open for making prophecies since the beginning of time.
Now, I would like you to think about all the things that started in Central Region (the so-called Middle East according to the skewed geopolitical terminology instated by the ignoble 19th century elites) and ended up in Europe first, then in Washington DC. All of those human doings need redefinition and elucidation. Let me do it with “A”
P.S. The Italian word auguri which means good wishes should tell you, the anti-inauguration party would have to be an orgy of collective cursing, which is as debased as the next tosser in line. You can disempower the system by not buying what the system makes. tAnti auguri — 9

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