Making of A by KiNo.

Yes, this film is called A. It’s the proverbial labyrinth built by the debris of time and erosion of memory. Archaeology explains some of the spectrum of information available to us in remaining objects and cryptic texts. It nails the material, socio-economic aspects of our lives which hasn’t changed much, apart from the evolution of the individual as the chieftain/lord. In so far, archeology, bound by the swamps of language and its meagre associations, doesn’t come close to scratching the surface of the spiritual aspect of the labyrinth; that is humanity. It doesn’t know how to enter the metaphysical dimension. It doesn’t know a thing about the ‘archeology of the psyche’. About music. About food. About the psychedelics. All of which were the staple rites of life for the ancients. Everything that remains, in fragments today, is the expression of the land written in a language that permeates through us all. It overrides the cacophony of our so- called-identities, which dissipate like smoke when you roll back 2500 years. To study this smoke they invented anthropology… for making a catalogue of the primitiveness of their own detachment-ignorance in the 19th century, just when archeology was born out of the treasure hunting trips of the colonists. Only recently, in the 21st century, our false sense of superiority has been observed as a collapsing embarrassment. Billion dollar pharmaceutical industry, full of junk, cannot rival the jungle. In a similar vein, all the false interpretations of cultic elements, symbols swapped to shortcut tags like ‘gods’ and ‘goddess’ are nothing but a humiliating crock of shit, a cosmetics factory for incomprehension, systematising a view of the world that is entirely false. The world, as in the structure we have built on Earth.

And thus spoke the child; ‘All the cards on the table are connected. You need to be able to read the whole system in order to construct a just image. You need to map the whole universe to enter into the imported vision from the past. You need to become Corpus Enigma. You manifest 9.’

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