US Erection Takes a Downturn

Here is a bigot president who will effect your life, not the citizens of other countries. Maybe a good incentive to purge the United Corporations of America, finally?

In the wake of this crumbling disorder, I feel more American than I ever did. Not having cheered unashamedly for the establishment’s despicable war criminal Hilarity, who derailed the biggest political reform movement in US history under Sanders. The alternative narrative!

Now, they are depressed. They bought into the song and dance of manipulation (with good intentions) by generations of these villains, including the one in the office now, who have been steering the death machine for the destruction of peace and welfare of the World.

US may be many dodgy things, but it’s not a dictatorship. The new political awareness requires you to be informed to the teeth and become an individual. Two miracles; considering that, as most of my LIBERAL but not LIBERATED American friends have demonstrated, people are sealed in the incessant commercial for Supremacy, a wilting identity so cut off from the world like a chopped salad in cellophane, sitting in a stuffy Midtown deli.

I have bespoken what will not come from Guardian or New Vague Times. Honour this moment, you are clearly a miracle in line with what’s expected of the stardust that was cooked up inside a supernova billions of years ago. No bigot can smear you or political party will represent you. Revel in real life and add your love into mine. Everyday, we are building a better world.


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