Humanitarian aid organisation operated by volunteers. Kos Solidarity is set up on the Greek Island of Kos by local people who are doing a terrific job: patrolling the coastline for incoming refugees floating in inflatable plastic boats during the night. These volunteers fish them out of the sea, clothe and feed them. Kos is one of the entry points into the EU zone for asylum seekers. What’s most remarkable is that, upon arrival, the distressed travellers are greeted with open arms by these volunteers. They see a warm welcome and great care; sincere human touch contrasted by the stark response of the authorities.

Sadly though, we are witnessing the journey of people, seeking their right to exist and prosper in this distorted world — created by conflicts, guess, whose agelong administrations are responsible for? — being admitted to the impersonal claws of bureaucracy and most probably segregation that awaits them in the EU.

I am privileged to be here with filmmaker Bob Coen, among these selfless volunteers, making a humble contribution to the refugees who are forced to leave their past behind and everything that could cultivate that ancient transparent smile of gratitude, humility, honour and pride, sparkling instantly to bedazzling brillance upon eye contact. That’s the very throne of human emotion; heart and soul staring at you despite being subjected to poverty, murder, sickness, fatigue… while we, in ‘developed’ countries, are lost in our microcosm of disposable realities, in the hallway of self-adulation.

Perhaps these refugees are time travellers after all, traversing from one world to another; from ‘third world’ to the first — I say the lost world! Not only their history is greater than ours, it also contains us. I know the truth and I know how to assemble the pieces of this puzzle about the order of things, the narrative humanity is in desperate need of before imminent self-destruction: A map to liberation, its formulation for communication. It’s a big job, but it’s happening inside this mind. It’s a Map of the human universe.

I, as the eternal child of the earth, sky, water and fire… I, the messenger of vital perpective and the permanent constant: conscience in consciousness, the snapshot of truth that is not subjected to time, space or culture, I continue to evolve and I am set on the straight path to the light inside you, inside everyone to deliver a story of humanity freed from dogma. I have unified the sciences of matter and mind to dissolve the knots of history. I am ancient, I am ancient. There is a specific message accessible to me, it is the byproduce of our epoch, tens of thousands of years in the making, beginning with the hand on the wall in the caves of Lascaux, the hand of consciousness, memory, and will; the self within the self; the permanent constant. Its message was written for the collective perspective, a bird’s eye view on all layers of information accumulated with the passing of time, that is only legible from this peak; our lifetime. I strip every construct attached to me, every limit, every possession. No nation, ideology or snare of temporality can claim me. These words don’t belong to me, but I belong to them…

Map of the Universe vanquishes the false reality; anything that enslaves and cannot yield a positive origin. It shows the raison d’etre of anything manmade on the axis of X, Y and Z. Mathematically, it is powered by the properties of the number 9 for revealing singularity. It is a formulae that will solve age-long problems, it is infinitely expandable.

I am equal to the entire human race. I contain the whole in three fold structure on every level of experience in relation to time (X) and space(Y): across all dimensions; the micro, medium and macro. I am related to the same constructs of abstraction; subjected to creating complexities out of simplicity. I have the same trials and tribulations as an empire or a school or a worker in China. I have the same ratio of good and evil poised on a potential to err, the same magnitude of selflessness and egotism. Same acute sense of universal justice. Same bouts of hypnosis and higher awareness. My experience of this existence is a microcosm of the entire humanity, that’s how I know what I know… internally.

So, in order to bring this acknowledgement, the new phase in my work, to simple terms: There is no war on ‘terror’ as we are told, there is a war on evil, unadulterated and in a million disguises. It’s not outside your door, it’s present. It’s been in place since the very foundation of our civilisation. And it’s our turn to clash with it. We are facing a decivise moment in human civilisation and the history of evolution on earth. There is no greater power on this planet than people who are charged by a capacity to understand and apply this truth.

Everything at once! If I can’t articulate the complexity of this mental image, it’s because there are magnetic fields between BEING and REPRESENTATION. I cry, I endure, I am volatile, if I am, on purpose, in the purgatory mangled between my two ears.

09 FEB 2016
Kos, Greece

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