Waterfall Evolution

I feel in every molecule that I borrowed from eternal life, in the concrete abstract of my mind and it’s eyes, ears and heart that this year will push the evil kind from the tree of humanity so hard, because the future has no regard for the unbecoming degenerate less-than-a-human-being barbarians donned in suits or without.

Into the future, what’s going on is the direct input of the responsibility that I understand as absolute liberty from the already collapsing scaffolds on this structure; the world as we know it, manmade as a layer on top of the most beautiful rock in the universe, the Earth, because it has you who goes to sleep at night not under the weight of the world but in the light of the universe. You have that indomitable spirit because of a lineage before you who held responsibility high and encoded love and intelligence in nature’s disguise; from a drop to a waterfall of evolution, civilisation from a piece of stone that fit in the palm, created an empire of forms for the psyche to read in the struggle against the physical empire. You know what the illiterate blind to the inner light are shoving down the neck of humanity? Not art, not knowledge, not love; all components of the homo sapiens’ essentials; memory and conscience. All validating the most important gift besides life itself; consciousness…

2+0+1+6 = 9

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