Terrorism Against You

Hittite Sun Disc


Today, a tragic terror attack killed almost 100 people and left many injured in the Turkish capital… Here is the 4000 year old symbol of Ankara (where I was a few weeks ago): the Hittite Solar Disc to commemorate the victims and give courage to people who are subjected to the same insidious ambition of evil, one way or another, in every scale, everywhere!

I cherish the presence and perseverance of my beloved people striving to have a life; the oppressed, murdered, plundered, underprivileged, exploited people everywhere, faceless under propaganda, but coloured in a demography of some insane conjecture. People, I tell you, innocent people: Executed in the streets of Palestine, blown up at the weddings of Yemen, shot in the schools of United States, beheaded in Saudi Arabia, drowning in the Mediterranean, stoned to death in Iran, kidnapped in Mexico, assaulted in Germany, set up like a clock of total destruction in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Eritrea, Congo, Mali… jumping to their deaths from the sweatshops of China, raped in India, prostituted in Thailand, reduced to microscopic consciousness by the order of the Bilderberg in France, United Kingdom, Italy, U.S., isolated in North Korea, impoverished in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Albania… depressed in well-to-do Scandinavia… my brothers and sisters!

And on the other end of the spectrum, we have the underdeveloped, plastic, miserable, mindless parasites, less evolved than an ameoba before the Cambrian Explosion; clinging on to their guns, chemicals, politicians, commercials (which has swept away all content for complete lack of education), those viciously thick people, only capable of repeating a rhetoric that a plank of wood should be able to debunk and their madness…

Alas, my mighty friends, my free, upright siblings, my kin; true individuals who live in a community without borders.

You must realise the scale of this miracle that is you, in these dark times, your emotional intelligence, knowing what you know, how to dismantle every speck of bullshit. My mates, as we all practically possess this sharp mystical knowledge; not to eat, buy, throw, watch, listen, read and feel crap… in order to optimise a life, worth living. The most beautiful gift in the entire universe… your experience; your grace and love, how you can regard yourself as the other.

We are all dealing with our own little demons, fashioned by our relationships during childhood. This, condition, will always unite us, even with those arseholes. “To be or not to be” has been misidentified as “the” question, however, “had I or had I not, love” is the only question!

So I beg you, take this moment to look at yourself in the mirror, or even better, in darkness, embrace your body and imagine this: you are the entire humanity.

My sole ambition is to dissolve in the tear of that celebration.

May The One who creates and sustains the Universe bless you!




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