Progress is a Ping Pong Ball

Progress is a ping pong ball going around for ages. If you glut over your two cents in it, you will find someone like me to remind you.. that everything you define your temporal identity with, actually, comes from somewhere else… (Our accomplished Greco-Roman-colonialist- industrial-plastic society, an amnesiac mud pile that primarily suffocates its own bright children who seek reconciliation with Earth and her peoples). Everything comes from somewhere else. Science and technology. Myths and cults. Even your big business. Everything comes from Central Region, everything that stands. Not from Greece, not from Roma, it comes from the Fertile Crescent. And ultimately, we all come from Africa. This is history skinned as bare as a human skeleton on which I will put those crucial layers; modern and ancient. Human forms the truth. Human form is the truth. Truth cannot be a linguistic dementia. It’s an intimately beautiful record. Observable, irrefutable and singular. Truth is the meta-language of the heart aligned with mind. Emotional intelligence: what every child has naturally, what is threatened and destroyed by the weak and spineless. So, glory to the history, I will put in perspective in place of this cancerous, ignorant, neologistic, Eurocentric, separatist nonsense that everyone has been forced to build their worldview. Rather a worm view. I am not a prophet, may peace be upon them whoever they have been in every culture and time zone, whomever rose to their potential to shake the tree with higher consciousness to sort out the same mud pile, crowned with bullshit. I am not a prophet, but I will be as my potential unfolds, someone/noone/everyone as close to a prophet as possible.
Map of the Universe



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