Sumerian vessel


Sumerians extended into Anatolia along the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates into fertile plateaus and left these traces behind about four thousand years ago… Biblical Babylon was an important spot, yes, further south, but, you have places like Alacahoyuk and Urfa, Hasankeyf in Anatolia, all incredible ancient centres that date way back. Gobeklitepe in Urfa for instance is the oldest temple known to mankind (circa 10000 BC). What interests me about history is the pressing need to create a narrative in which I can chart a map of most venomous misunderstandings, estrangements and lied about origins of today’s worst problems… all putrid conflicts, inseminated by a bunch of worthless apes who dare to contaminate our mental and spiritual planes in the name of that thing who I recognise in the lustre of petals floating on a stream, in the joy of a child learning something new… the list can go forever with the poetry of divine beauty expressed by the periphery of physics and mathematics inside my words, however, shortly put, I recognise it, in this existence, unparalleled by human perception and even conception, in the rapid firing of atomic realms unfurling upon its own appreciation, obeying the supreme programme, impeccably functioning in the movement of galaxies, beyond time and scale. Yes, this is my mind and it elevates this meagre body to a dimension high and wide open into the fabric of reality. These words don’t belong to me, but I belong to them…

So, the current film project I am creating here (A) to weave my childhood wisdom which I attained by skipping on the marble of ancient ruins, is a chapter of the Map of Universe, the life of my work about creating the required constant for the future generations to come; the consciousness of 9; extractions from human form and the universal mind. This is the spectacle, the situation of your soul, you are in…


Just look at this beauty… try to unlearn every nonsense attributed to our ancestors for they were not remotely primitive. Their religion was science and our world was built by them; apart from the industrialised stream of plastic and junk in our homes, those ‘smart’ machines which are replacing people in ourlives, nothing has really changed over eons, (well, except that every resource we ever had is now properly buggered). The starting gun sounded in prehistory and the race is evolving, after all, billions who lived and died continuously manifest something in our lives, as time unfolds this lotus flower, its tree of life. When I think about any object, I see the bottom of its origin; take invention of the computer, for instance, it began with the abacus five thousand years ago near Baghdad, it did. The same Baghdad which once was the apple of the world’s eye; when New York was a field of wind and Paris was not even a place, but a Luwian name for a messenger: (Pari-zitis). This extinct language is from Central Anatolia, related to the Hittites; oldest known written form of all Indo-European languages that live in our beloved, so-called Western Civilisation… Alert with a capital A: every bone in Greek antiquity originates from the crescent… where I call the Central Region. Do not blindly repeat the ignorantly labeled 19th century euro-centric term the Middle East.

Despite a league of inter-national, ruthless and oppressive rulers who clawed rights to divinity, pulling all sorts of tricks to convolute common sense, the intelligence of common man have been evolving and will one day reclaim his potential territory; the truth. But, this truth is far from the socio-economic palaver that engines our vision into the past…

To understand the highlights of humanity’s journey, always suffering from the blinkers of idiocy, numbed by unimportant dependencies on imaginary boundaries, such as; nationality or any ephemeral cult/community which is a method for proper separation under the illusion of union, the messenger must be able to read the palm of humanity’s intellectual achievements; all confined to the form of his hand, the art and expression from the drawings of cavemen (Lascaux) to an album, from flint-stones to the stem-cells, everything man and woman had to produce to pave a path, adorned by problems and fascinations of self-recognition. Yes, the messenger must be a genius of certain calibre to be able to read and write.

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