“RIP… The 2,996 Americans who died in 9/11. RIP… The 1,455,590 innocent Iraqis who died during the US invasion for something they didn’t do.”

RIP… The soldiers who are being led to their graves with blood on their hands on America’s perpetual war… and the people who are dying everyday in the chaotic vacuum, engineered and funded by pure bloodless evil… which has consequently given us little evil monsters who managed to displace millions in Syria… while, completely and carefully, desecrating the final instalment of the same straight path that was shown by Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and by every other righteous rebel, to lawless savages whose offsprings are today’s mindless millions, still deaf, dumb and blind, chasing the same golden calf, bereft of any insight nor an iota of an inner life, to think and elevate a perspective, removed from propaganda and modern clamour which has successfully alienated common punters from their own spirit by introducing countless dualities into something so concretely singular; the universal truth.

In the light of endless evidence, highlighting the officials as a giant arse taking a shit into people’s consciousness regarding the song and dance about what happened to those 3 building on 911 and at Pentagon, there is still that singular truth, which can’t be corrupted by he-said-this-he-said-that kind of microscopic distractions, i.e. ant-fucking politics. Well, you and I know the game and we can play it like chess on a world map. But, will it take a dam full of LSD to implant minds into these headless arseholes, who believe in their good governments and in their pedigree data that they can even barely process with their 5 second long flash memory? Having seen the tragedy of 911 with my own eyes, in the end, what I really can’t fucking believe is: how come Bush and co. still haven’t been to the biggest and bluntest guillotine of all time… I am whetting its blade with my sharp fangs of justice for these criminals whose molecules don’t even belong to biology…



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