Moment, Movement






Movement, a series of stills, instantly conjures up cinema for me, because the eye starts to inspect the relationship of things that develop into an incredible wealth of impressions in real time. You are, thereby, observing the emergence of psychology. You start realising, imaging the mechanical being taking on fascinating layers of symbols from an inner life. The ambiguity of a person lies in the complexity of their symbols. And it’s your job to convert these; the visual properties, periphery and its aesthetic trail to metaphors, the lens of poetry, in order to isolate and express the core of what you are looking at which is a unified sentiment that no word or olympics of words can convey; the meta-language of 9. The conversion of images to sounds, sounds to images, words to sounds, words to images, and so forth… only to consistently express the core. To know the core, one must be(come) a camera in the ‘hands’ of the creator and the sustainer of the universe. These are the thoughts I filter watching this water polo game in the lake where Antonioni wrecked a convertible BMW as a metaphor for the Alain Delon character Pietro’s vulgar and materialistic mode. I am writing my film in osmosis as the poet who seeks beauty and grace in the emotional intelligence of space. Corpus Enigma — Lago, EUR

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