I Think of You

Greetings to the children of arts, culture, agriculture.

Greetings fellows, dames, readers, thinkers, creators, workers, waitstaff, dancers.

To the babes of curiosity and intellect. To the wise laureates of the streets, vendors, buskers!

Greetings poets, musicians, farmers and their teachers!
Mischievous friends’ laughter cascading vitality.

Give me the celebration of this moment and the acknowledgement, consideration, the symphaty, give me the warmth of your seats in this big orchestra and love as the only score.

Teach us mathematics, not for rolling numbers chained to this treacherous economy. It is the language to equate… ourselves with the concrete grasp of truth about our abstractions as a hole. I know and jump this massive abyss. Remember this! Poetry is the vessel in all things.

Greetings my spirit which is in you, enduring mindless therefore disgraceful cavemen behaviour, you are the endless resuscitation and hope, you free sprawling passion for the advent of the only human imprint on this earth: Morality! Put your feet on the ground!

Greetings to all that is written, sketched and imagined by conscience and joy, I bear nothing but the gift of existence.

Seamingly meaningless imperative riches!
Greetings to details. Probing raw enthusiasm.
My child self!
Intact and smiling despite their rage.

Greet me with yourself-reigning liberty.
Do you share this sentiment?
No ideology or political party can represent me.

Greetings bigots, fascists, conservatives and the doomed pathetics averse to life and its unbounded expression,
this is the end of your marketing!

On this pearl of a mote in the sky, in every sacred second.



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