Alexander Nevsky

Everything I hate about humanity. Excessive pride in one’s self in a competition that cannot be won. Full of illusion and naive propaganda. Unrealism at its peak. A mediocre fantasy. Cinematically, it being a masterpiece changes nothing. The film is a (w)hole with its content. And, it’s full of shit, far from the universality of the medium. I would say, how Eisenstein glorifies him with tedious prose is as daft and evil as Hollywood’s methods of pumping a protagonist to the heights of vacuous celebration. The film is a piece of a limp dick in the name of propaganda. Ok, so he was working under the thumb of a dictator. But, I reckon, an artist under oppression, who doesn’t finish his/her oppressors somehow with their work is not an artist, he is an artisan, in my humble opinion. Up yours Stalin. Eisenstein may be one of the greatest of all filmmakers but he is no John Lydon!

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