My Western Civilisation

This is a snapshot of the centre point of that world. It has its eastern roots in ancient Greece. The Greek story is furthermore bolted into the middle east. O Babylon, O Egypt from where the essentials were discovered that set us straight on our two feet… So, it annoys me that our current amnesiac western civilisation is built as a superficial copy of the Roman facade.

Before it was Holy, the Roman Empire covered the entire Mediterranean with the addition of our drizzly Britannia. Don’t give me a load of bollocks and talk about Catholicism as the factor why in United States we have the architecture and iconography of the Pagan Empire. The great power of the western civilisation has been chiselled by people with no identity. And that’s why, I couldn’t help but had laughing fit when I was in Washington DC with its fake obelisk and monuments, the building that looks like San Pietro; Capitol Hill, even its name is lifted from Roma. Come on you pillocks! Viva Roma! Mamma Roma! I make love to the original. — Capitoline Hill, Roma.

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