Lineage of Masters


Michelangelo’s Moses eclipses everything else in San Pietro in Vincoli, especially other sculptures embedded in the same panel. When a supreme artist captures the ephemeral quality of life by mastering the chisel of emotion, eternalising an external form in human character to emanate sensation; regardless of when and where his work is encountered, it will always bear the vital energy that is simultaneously intellectual and psychic. It is exactly the kind of art we need today. And it would come from a master. In our time, in order to excel in any artistic medium, one must operate completely independently to the fuckers who regulate the transaction of the pile of mediocrity methodised and labelled as art. Artists! If you are barking up that tree, you are in the wrong business. While the general public couldn’t give a toss about the creative heritage you must continue, you are likely to master only one thing; constant dilution at the mercy of pests… The integral artistic quality is not an abstract value. It’s fucking concrete like this statue or a film, a song, a drawing… when you experience it, it has the power to transform you. It is convulsive in its beauty, not aesthetic. It is the uncanny: the spade striking open the ceiling of your subterranean dwelling, your psyche.

There is no self-respecting artist today, when he/she creates who doesn’t owe something to Michelangelo, the same way as he looked up to his own predecessors, all the way to Imhotep. You must feel the responsibility to your masters and know that you are continuing a tradition, no matter whatever is your pole. Here is a beautiful example; Michelangelo Antonioni looks Michelangelo Buonarroti in the eye.

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