What is Democracy?

Democracy could be when we receive notifications for every bill that is in the parliament we can vote instantly. Then, Politicians, the current oligarchy, would dissolve into admins and programmers. Their duty would be to gather issues and produce resolutions. The bills they must prepare would go out to public digitally with 30 sec. videos or graphs. The president would have to be a spiritual leader. Otherwise he would be crumbled by the opposition of the people.

Until then, there is absolutely not a dot of democracy in legislation. What we have is merely a snapshot of an election. Actually, democracy is something vibrant and organic. Someday! Someday! I may have to install this anti-regime myself, someday. I’ll call it the Nude Government.

Until, then being political really means being concerned with corruption and lies, trying to look out for our diminishing rights and funds.
After then, being political would be recognised as the 6th sense.


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