Unification of Youth


This is an act of intelligent revolt of the 21st century.

The bolt of awareness conducts through every sensitive apolitical being in the speed of light as demonstrated by my friends in Turkey.

To expect change from a politician is to expect a man to give birth.

Mainstream media. Your news is irrelevant. We are the news.

Mainstream entertainment, you are not on our screens or speakers. We killed you a long time ago.

Fascist, trying to harness us with the tactics of the last century,
we are pulling the carpet under your feet.

We are youth. We’ll rip through as we change, the world will change.

Who am I but a kindred spirit, one drop in the ocean of awareness.

A poet of sound and image





Recent events in Turkey, with the Occupy Gezi, are not just a regional uprising of people who are seeking democracy. It should be a trigger for all of us globally entrenched in the same situation.

Me and my friends across the world are doing something tangible for the mass movement of youth, the sole capacity for change.

We are working on something together:

For organic democracy, not the dysfunctional one on paper.

For human rights and civil liberties.

For the exposure of insane industries that control our food, media, arts, education, health, entertainment…

For the total nullification of their new world order and the immediate seizure of the sovereign of the inhuman %1.

For the love that silently knows and speaks; our spirit.

Our countries are not everlasting.

We are.

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