October Films

A concise evaluation of films watched at the Hotel des grand hommes.

02 0CT 010 — El Topo (Jodorowsky) “Consecrating metamorphosis”

03 OCT 010 — La Dernier Femme (Marco Ferreri) “At the end of the film, we are left with a  protesting cock, although mutilated, it really is the symbol of mutilation for what the Depardieu character is protesting; namely the feminine unrest. Poignant demonstration of the order of things.”

13 OCT 010 — La Pointe Courte (Agnes Varda) “Quintessential student film. A slap is the best transition”.

14 OCT 010 — Les Felins (Rene Clement) “The film doesn’t hold up. It’s a dull trap. Merely served me for a tune-up of my style. Alain Delon and Jane Fonda are individually great, no real dynamic between them. I feel the American production must have a finger in this Clementine failure.”

16 OCT 010 – Sao Paulo – Sociadade Anonim (Luis Sergio Person) “Somehow an interesting account of a man reaching the boiling point and his cowardly attempt to start his life over again. Reminded me of a Fassbinder’s melodrama. Brasilian Portuegese spoken beautifully.”

18 OCT 010 – La Antenna (Estaban Sapir) “Undeniable beauty of black and white imagery supersedes the narrative quicksand of a metaphor that sadly enslaves the entire film to its unsurprising trajectory. It’s plot is more like a Simpson’s episode and even then La Antenna cannot rival their post-modern twist. Ultimately, this is a movie, not a film, a tribute that depletes by recalling the true masterpieces of the silent cinema.”

19 OCT 010 – La Dantelliere (Claude Goretta) “In her meek regard and sacred solitude, I found the traces of the first girl I ever fell in love at first grade. Her name was Lara (a blonde) and she too had the same polite and shy uncertainty which is now understood as the epitome of innonce to me, something I fall by involuntarily. Isabelle Huppert transcends acting. Claude Goretta is Vermeer.”


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