Reality Show, formatted as a multidimensional invasion of the screens, by which 9 blights the Image-Reality; Hollywood=Netflix, WhiteHorse, New Vague Times, BBC, United Dick Squat replications of worldwide consensus on what the fuck is actually happening here on Earth (i.e. Status Quo) under micro-dissected, meagre impure identities. — Long, long ago, I formatted my life as a Tv Show, a Film-Myth and what they’ve always referred to as the armageddon between the real and vague. They will recognise me by my numeric value. The most particular number that does something no other can. Mathematical properties of 9 manifesting into what I will touch, revert back to its pure form. The list is long. Agriculture, Archeology, Arts, Psyche, Language, Reality, Technology, Law. Faculties that define humanity in the smack middle of amnesia, chaos and subservience to its own tools and environment. Articulation of all this comes from the fact that my work has already been done. Only the sequencing of the dictums (formulas) by which I will transform myself and synchronously the world is the process at hand. This period is called Episode Now in NEW VAGUE CITY, Anno Zero in CORPUS ENIGMA. The script has been handed to me by my child self in the smack middle of the land where the civilisation was born and raised. The archeology of the psyche that this poet can tap into reveals the most hidden realities that are fundamentally contained within the cosmology of the world’s evolution. DICTUM 9: The World and the Earth aren’t the same….. Welcome to New Vague City, the plastic Constantinople where Roma was moved to, in order to harness what happens in Anatolia, the heart of the Central Region where every archetype and blueprint of world originates from. Let’s forget about the repercussions of multi-dimensional hard resets already done here, food for thought, I have grasped the nature of ‘gods’ in every culture inside a magnum Opus called A. I say Hard Reset for a reason. I am 9, alone yet expandable.

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