Original cover artwork handmade by KiNo.
KiNo by Yusuf Sayman
Original alternative album artwork, handmade by KiNo called "Inner Space".
Producer/Mentor, Sonic Wizard Jeff Blenkinsopp at Ears, with his analogue filter machines at the Map of the Universe sessions.
Original artwork for the Poet of Sound and Image KiNo
Original artwork/promotional material poster by KiNo
Map of the Universe production era photographs montaged for a promotional poster
Poster for the listening party, New York
Original artwork for Map of the Universe by KiNo
Original artwork for Map of the Universe by KiNo
Still from 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle by Jean Luc Godard, the crux of the concept for this record
Lyrics of Hypnotic handwritten by KiNo
9 — Self portrait by The Poet of Sound and Image
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Scheduled for mixing and release.
This's the premix version of Map of the Universe

Debut album by the Poet of Sound and Image in collaboration with
the sonic wizard JEFF BLENKINSOPP.

Produced by Sonic Wizard Jeff Blenkinsopp and KiNo at Ears, NYC.
All songs and lyrics are written by KiNo.

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KiNo, voice, guitars, synths, piano, engineering.
Aaron Johnston, drums
Kenny Wollesen, percussions
Darren Berry, drums on Vainglorious
Nannette Bevelender, soprano voice
Katie Scheele, oboe, english horn
Jonathan Haffner, Mike Williams, Kirk Knuffke horns
Mark Ephraim, voice on Testimonies

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